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Custom Temporary Tattoos

Having made the decision to go with temporary tattoos as your preferred promotional method, the next thing to think about is the size of your tattoo. Now when it comes to temporary tattoos, size does matter!  Take a look at our temporary tattoo standard size guide and have a think about which template might best fit your unique logo, mascot or design. We offer a wide range of sizing options to suit just about any stick-on tattoo shape or style.  For example if your design is circular, you might go with the 50x50mm, or if it is long and skinny,  the 38x100mm would work well. It is also  worth thinking about who is most likely going to wear your temporary tattoo. Is it designed for primary school aged children participating in a school holiday program or big beefy men competing in a sporting event? Our standard sizes range from the 38x38mm (perfect for small children) up to the 102x127mm (ideal for men’s arms or shoulders). However if you have a particular size in mind, such as A4 sheets for example, let us know as we are happy to work with your individual needs.

If you’re design includes text, make sure your chosen size is large enough to allow people to read your message. Using capital letters in a bold colour like black or red can help text stand out even more. It is important to adjust your temporary tattoo colour palate based those who will be wearing it. Will the tattoos be worn on lighter skin or darker indigenous complexions? We generally advise to stay away from cream or dull yellow colours, as these tones are often camouflaged by more pale skin.

For more great tips on how to get the most out of your fake tattoos, give us a call to discuss on 1300 884 924. Alternatively email through your artwork to and we can give you our personal recommendation!

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