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Aboriginal Flag temporary tattoos

The first week of July is NAIDOC week; an annual celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture and heritage.  This week is dedicated to recognising the valuable contributions and achievements of our first Australians. It is also an opportunity to increase awareness about the status and treatment of Indigenous people, and provides a platform where Indigenous communities can speak up or voice their concerns. During NAIDOC week, there are literally hundreds of activities and events taking place on both a local and national scale, and all Australians are encouraged to participate.

Around this time of year, we receive many orders for both Aboriginal flag temporary tattoos and Torres Straight Islander temporary tattoos. We have been honoured to provide these flag stick-on tattoos to a variety of health organisations, not-for-profits, schools, churches, businesses, councils and so forth, and we are delighted to continue celebrating alongside our first Australians this year.

Because our temporary tattoos are backed with white ink, the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander flag colours will appear boldly on either light or dark skin tones. What’s more, because our logo tattoos last up to 5 days on the skin, our Indigenous flag temporary tattoos will fly proudly all week long!

The best news is, our aboriginal flag temporary tattoos are already in-stock and ready to despatch, so we’re happy to accept last minute orders! In fact, upon finalising your order, delivery can be expected within just 2 business days! Wow – now that’s fast! We can cater to both large and small events, with a wide range of order quantities available. Got a specific custom fake tattoo design in mind? No problem – we can print these for you in just 3-12 business days.

For more information or to receive an official price list and sample pack, please call 1300 884 924 or email

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