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Kids love temporary tattoos!

It shouldn’t take much to convince you that kids LOVE tattooads™ temporary tattoos. Our full colour kids temporary tattoos can turn your logo, mascot or slogan into a fun promotional novelty that kids will love to show off to their friends and family. There is also the option to include additional information on the back of the tattoo at no extra charge, such as your organisation’s website and contact details. We offer a range of temporary tattoo sizes suitable for the smaller faces and bodies of young children from pre-school age and above.  Please take a look at our temporary tattoo size guide for more information.

Whether raising awareness for a children’s charity, fund-raising at a school fete, festival or community event, or even hosting a tattoo themed birthday party for your son or daughter, our kids logo tattoos will go off with a bang! Most parents love our custom temporary tattoos because of that all important key-word… they’re TEMPORARY, lasting around 3-5 days on the skin. So while your kids get to be SUPER COOL with their friends for a day or two, you know it won’t last forever!

Some parents or school teachers may express concerns regarding the risk of temporary tattoos among children prone to skin irritations and other allergies. We can assure you that our kids fake tattoos are printed using 100% safe, non-toxic inks and adhesives that comply with Australian standards. We are pleased to fully disclose all ingredients and include application instructions on the back of every temporary tattoo, so you know exactly what you’re working with. What’s more, kids temporary tattoos are a no-fuss novelty item and application is fast, easy and painless! To apply, simply remove the clear protective cover sheet and press the tattoo firmly onto the skin, then dab a little water onto the tattoo backing card and hold for 20-30 seconds before peeling it away to reveal the tattoo. That’s a lot easier than individually face painting an entire herd of energetic little ones!

While we love to turn your custom design into a kids temporary tattoo, we  also offer a limited range of in-stock temporary tattoo designs to suit both boys and girls themes. So if you’re currently unsure of a design, our in-house design theme can come to the rescue!

For more information or to receive a free kids temporary tattoo sample pack, please call 1300 884 924 or email now!


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